After the first treatment the range of motion for my shoulder increased dramatically, almost back to 100% and the pain started to diminish immediately.

- Tim Belk
Former Cincinnati Reds Baseball Player / Owner of Belk Baseball Academy
Chief Complaint: Shoulder / torn labrum / possible surgery required

I am three years deep into professional baseball and my back feels great, my arm feels good... Prescribing Life is helping me to keep moving forward in my career.

- Daniel Mengden
Oakland A's RHP
Chief Complaint: Back pain / stress fracture L5

I was having problems with my elbow, which in the past had three surgeries. As a baseball instructor, I have to throw every day. Prescribing Life helped me to be able to throw without any pain. This treatment could be an option to surgery and if so, then I highly recommend it.

- Tony Metoyer
Ex Major League Baseball Player / Professional Baseball Instructor
Chief Complaint: Tendinitis of the elbow / Post Surgery Pain

I was suffering from severe back pain due to 22 years of playing rugby. I had a game scheduled in England and wasn't sure I could play in the game let alone handle the pain during the flight over. A fellow rugby player and friend told me about Prescribing Life. So I gave them a try and I am so glad that I did. I had no pain during the flight. I was able to play my game in England. Had a great time. Thank you Prescribing Life!

- Ron Nicks
Austin Blacks Rugby
Chief Complaint: Severe back pain

I was diagnosed with elbow tedinitis. As a coach, phisical activigy is part of my daily job description. This reoccuring pain was causing problems such as throwing batting pracitce. I tried many treatments such as icing, stretching, ultrasound, electric stimulation and resting. After a long season and going into the summer I was still dealing with the pain. I would say on a scale from 1 to 10 it was a 7 or an 8 on a daily basis. After dealing with this for about 3 months a friend of mine told me about Prescribing Life. I was amazed. 24 hours after my treatment my grip strength returned. Swelling was almost all gone. Within a week I felt like I was back to normal. I want to thank Prescribing Life for what they did for me.

- Greg Stewart
Head Coach Womens Softball Oregon Tech Owls
2011 NAIA National Champions
Chief Complaint: Tendinitis of the elbow / possible surgery required