testimonios de pacientes reales

Tim Belk


Name: Tim Belk

Occupation: Ex Major League Baseball Player / Owner of Belk Baseball Academy

Chief Complaint: Shoulder / torn labrum / possible surgery required

"The pain diminished immediately."

Greg Stewart



Name: Greg Stewart

Occupation: Head Coach Womens Softball Oregon Tech Owls

Chief Complaint: Tendinitis of the elbow / possible surgery required

"Within a week I felt like I was back to normal."



Rod Martin


Name: Rod Martin

Occupation: Co Owner at Rjmartin Technical Service, LLC

Chief Complaint: Neck and back pain for more than 50 years

"I now have no pain in my neck - AT ALL!"



Carlton Ralon


Name: Carlton Ralon

Occupation: Owner of Dad and Brad Piano Moving

Chief Complaint: Bulging disc / back and leg pain

"The pain in my leg was gone instantly!"




Curt (Coach) Litton


Name: Curt (Coach) Litton

Occupation: High School Coach

Chief Complaint: Severe back pain for over 15 years

"After my first treatment I could walk from my car to the stadium without any pain."



Tony Metoyer


Name: Tony Metoyer

Occupation: Ex Major League Baseball Player / Professional Baseball Instructor

Chief Complaint: Tendinitis of the elbow / Post Surgery Pain

"Prescribing Life helped me to be able to throw everyday without any pain."


Ron Nicks


Name: Ron Nicks

Occupation: Local Business Owner / Recreational Rugby Player

Chief Complaint: Back pain

"After one session I was pain free and able to play in my rugby game."