Today’s athletes, professional and amateur, are light-years ahead of the athletes of yesterday in terms of training and nutrition. RENOVO brings their medical care up to the same standard with innovative sports medicine programs.  Keeping the athlete on the field longer by greatly reducing recovery time all while quickly and securely eliminating pain.

RENOVO focuses on assisting the treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries for athletes ranging from intercollegiate student-athletes to the professional athlete with the goal of faster recoveries.



RENOVO diminishes inflammation produced by overworked muscles and soreness, eliminates acute and chronic pain, accelerates the process of healing and tissue reparation.




RENOVO focuses on repairing injuries sustained during competition. This decreases any downtime due to injury (even after surgery) allowing a much quicker recovery.


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  • No negative side effects
  • Better sleep before competition
  • Diminishes tension and anxiety before competition
  • Faster post-surgical recovery

All these is done while we are promoting a healthy environment for all the skeletal muscle system and nervous system to be in optimal conditions for high performance without harmful side effects.